Istanbul, 2021

Dates: November 29-30, December 1

Hello, my name is Alexander Sakulin, I’m a professional photographer working Worldwide. I’m going to visit Istanbul at the end of November, 2021 with my production team and equipment for the photoshoot. Happy to invite you to our creative project and hope us to produce stunning inspiring pictures together.

Product photography | Alexander Sakulin - Professional Photographer

Idea 1:

Retro-style Traveling

This is a story about vacation of a classy woman, man or couple. I’d like to show sense of traveling and spirit of adventure. Our main heroes are wealthy and self-confident, embody charm of the bourgeoisie. Styling is inspired by silhouettes and fabrics from late 80s — early 90s with modern reimagination.

Idea 2:

Fancy Feminine Looks

Fashion images of playful flirtatious women. Styling is based on simple elegant clothing with attention on accessories and details. Positive romantic vibes.

Idea 3:

Modern urban story

Clear fashion pictures in a technical advertising manner. Our heroes are cold and distant, kind of lost in their own thoughts. Urban environment as backgrounds with unique Istanbul atmosphere in details.

Relevant works

Here are some examples from my portfolio that match the ideas described above.

About us

We are a boutique creative agency and photo production specialized in Fashion, Advertising and Portraits with 10 years of experience and a whole list of satisfied customers with a worldwide reputation, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Hublot, Ulysse Nardin, LVMH, BBDO, Canon, Hyundai, Dyson and many more. We are open to cooperation with established companies as well as small ambitious brands on a commercial basis and will be glad to work on your growth and success!


Feel free to contact me for booking or quick consultation. WhatsApp and Telegram are available by following number. Or you can find me on popular social networks as well.

phone+7 (966) 331-42-81

Thanks for your time!
Stay safe and I hope to see you soon!