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Alexander Sakulin

International photographer and art-director with 13 years of experience in creative production. More then 500 commercial photoshoots & projects.



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Johnson & Johnson
Harper's Bazaar
Ulysse Nardin

Commercial and Advertising Photographer. Studio in Hong Kong

Advertising photography and commercial photography are almost the same. People often use these terms interchangeably. It’s critical for you as a business owner, PR-specialist or responsible manager to understand nuances of this creative field if you want to get desired results that attract your target audience.
Read this article, it will make process of choosing commercial photography studio for your task much more easier. Right professional photographer in Hong Kong with experienced team can lead you to success and also help to make print or web advertising work according to your marketing plan.

· Advertising photography in Hong Kong

Advertising photographers capture all types of objects such as models, products, buildings, landscapes, and artifacts utilized for marketing objectives in publications, including books, reports, ads, and catalogs. A commercial photo is usually used for promotional purposes, sales materials, and the retail. In advertising photography, the subject of the picture is the focus of the entire session. The better idea behind the pictures is — the better marketing results you get from the campaign.
Creating visual content, such as photographs, videos, animation, etc., with the goal of promoting or selling a good or service should send a clear message to the audience. To put it simply, you are utilizing photography to market a service or a product. Contact Alexander Sakulin, a Creative Director and professional studio photographer in Hong Kong, to create eye-catching images for advertising campaigns, promo activities, SMM, and astonishing presentations.

· What to Consider Before Hiring an Advertising Photographer or commercial studio in Hong Kong

Commercial photography calls for specific abilities and tastes. You wouldn’t pick a photojournalist or wedding photographer to produce your advertising campaign. Many of them are just not experienced enough to provide the highest quality with the appropriate tone and sense. Here, the need for commercial and advertising photographers arises. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a creative production process doesn’t start in the studio and doesn’t finish when the photographer puts his camera away. Our team offer one-stop commercial production services for all photography needs in Hong Kong to meet your demands.
Selecting a photographer who is open to communicating is crucial because you together need to articulate and deliver your ideas in the best possible way. Sometimes it requires complicated post-production and editing steps as well. You should be able to openly discuss the whole process as well as your concept for the campaign with the creative production team in advance. When the photographer clearly outlines the process, and there is excellent communication amongst all parties involved, the client-photographer relationship is at its finest. This chemistry is also an important part of creating advertising that rocks.

· Ready to book a commercial studio or advertising photographer in Hong Kong?

One of the most important steps in creating the effective advertising campaign you want is choosing the correct photographer first. To choose the best professional, be clear about your objectives, look through portfolios from different photographers, ask your network for referrals, schedule meetings before you decide, and don’t be scared to discuss your ideas, workflow aspects and what is really important for you in the particular project.
This is the only way you find the right professionals for the task and people you’re comfortable to work with. You can be sure that advertising photography studio of Alexander Sakulin, with his experienced team, is an ideal solution for your needs. We deliver сommercial photography services in Hong Kong on the highest level which is comparable to the world’s best examples and standards. So, we’re ready and will be happy to get you request!